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Shenzhen High-speed Advertising Co., Ltd. (the Advertising Company) was established in 1999, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company. Over the years, the Advertising Company has developed into an integrated advertising company with a blend of brand management, marketing planning and media release based on abundant resources of its own high-speed media. The Advertising Company is taking functions of several industries, such as the unit of director of Shenzhen Advertising Association (中国广告协会) and the unit of secretary general of China High-speed Road Advertising Alliance (中国高速公路广告联盟). It has honored as “Qualification of China 1st Class Advertising Company (综合服务类中国一级广告企业)”, “China Top Ten High-speed Road Advertising Companies (中国高速公路十强企业)”, “Shenzhen Top One Hundred Cultural and Creative Industry Enterprises (深圳市文化创意产业百强企业)” and so on.

Company website:http://www.highspeed-ad.cn/

Engineering Consulting

Shenzhen Expressway Engineering Consulting Company Limited (the Consulting Company) was incorporated and registered in August 2002. It’s a professional engineering consulting company initiated and established by the Company and now the Company holds 24% of interests in it.
The Consulting Company has received various qualifications since foundation, such as first-grade qualification on engineering consulting, first-grade qualification on comprehensive engineering investigation, first-grade qualification on road engineering design, first-grade qualification on municipal engineering design, first-grade qualification on project bidding agency. The Consulting Company has passed the accreditation of IS09001:2008 Quality Management System.
The operation of the Consulting Company heads to the engineering consulting field which is multi-industrial with full life-cycle. The business of the Consulting Company covers such as pre-project consultancy, engineering investigation and design, tendering agency, cost consultancy, engineering supervision, engineering experiment, project testing, road maintenance management. It has the qualification and service capacity of advisory services in the whole process of project investment and construction.
With the purpose of capitalizing the Group’s core competences in the construction management service area, the Company has exercised control over Consulting Company with effect from 1 July 2015. Since 1 July 2015, Consulting Company has been converted from an associated company to a subsidiary of the Company and accordingly, consolidated into the Group.

Company website:http://www.szewec.com/

Inter-network Toll Collection

Guangdong United Electronic Toll Collection Inc. (“Guangdong UETC”) is principally engaged in electronic clearing business of the toll highways in Guangdong Province, including investment, management and services of electronic toll and clearing systems, and the sale of related products. The Company holds 15% of interests in Guangdong UETC.

Company website:http://www.unitoll.com/2012/home.html

Financial services business

In 2015 and 2016, the company subscribed for additional shares of Guizhou Bank. As of the end of 2017, it held a total of 426 million shares of Guizhou Bank, holding approximately 3.78% of its total share capital after the capital increase. The subscription of additional shares of Guizhou Bank can optimize the asset allocation of the Company and will have a good synergy effect on the subsequent infrastructure investment operations of the Company in the relevant regions. In 2011, the company established a wholly-owned subsidiary, Shenzhen Expressway Investment Co., Ltd., which is mainly engaged in urban comprehensive development and urban infrastructure investment, construction management and operation, carrying the important mission of the company's industrial transformation and upgrading; for the development of urban transportation and environmental protection industry chain Investment platform, play the role of equity investment mergers and acquisitions, the company established the Shenzhen Express Industry Investment Fund Management Company in December 2017, mainly investing in urban infrastructure construction, intelligent transportation, energy conservation and environmental protection, and new energy and other main industry chain projects, in line with the company's transformation development of.

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Project development and manage...

In recent years, relying on the core business, the Company actively researches and attempts the new business model, in order to support the long-term sustainable development of the Company.
Guilong Land: The peripheral land of Guilong Project which were successfully bid by the Group. As at the end of the Reporting Period, the area of the land was approximately 2,310 mu (approximately 1,540,000 square meters).
Guilong Development Project: The further property development project of the Guilong Land with an area of 300 mu (approximately 200,000 square meters) conducted by the Group.
Meilin Checkpoint Renewal Project: Shenzhen Longhua New Area Mingzhi Office Meilin Checkpoint Urban Renewal Project, the entity of which is United Land Company and the land of which is approximately 96,000 square meters.

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