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According to the implementation guidelines of Shenzhen Expressway's strategy of “adhering to market-oriented and innovation-driven, grasping the opportunities of the times, consolidating and upgrading the main business of toll roads, actively exploring and identifying new industrial directions, and realizing the company's sustainable development”, Shenzhen Expressway will “city” As a core position for transformation and development, with transportation infrastructure construction and operation service providers. Relying on business innovation, model innovation and management innovation, with intelligent and information-based innovation as the driving force, we will build the core competitiveness of highway and urban infrastructure operation and management market, improve the efficiency and management level of stock assets, and strive to achieve operational management output. Become an influx of integrators and operators in the industry.
In order to achieve this goal, Shenzhen Expressway established Shenzhen High-speed Operation Development Co., Ltd. at the end of December 2016, which is mainly responsible for the operation and maintenance of deep high-speed straight pipeline sections such as Meiguan, Jihedong, Jihexi, Yanba, Yanpai and Nanguang. Management work, and Shenzhen Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen International Holdings Co., Ltd. escrow the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway Shenzhen section and Longda Expressway, with a mileage of 156.6 kilometers, 33 toll stations, 511 toll lanes and 6 tunnels. In recent years, the traffic volume of the company's straight pipeline section has increased year by year, and the toll revenue has continued to increase. In 2016, the toll revenue of the straight pipeline section exceeded 2 billion yuan.
In order to solve the industry's pain points and meet the needs of citizens' smart travel, Shenzhen Expressway has vigorously developed the application of non-inductive payment technology. Based on this, through the “Shenzhen e Traffic” comprehensive service platform, we will gradually build smart booths, smart stations and smart roads to provide car owners with more comprehensive, wider and more convenient intelligent transportation services. In the future, it plans to realize interconnection and interoperability with social parking lots, subways, public transportation and other application platforms, and finally realize the business objectives of the ecological chain platform featuring global transportation integrated travel services.

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