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Corporate Governance

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The company is well aware that adhering to the corporate philosophy of integrity and diligence, adhering to good corporate governance principles, improving the transparency, independence and effective accountability of the company's operations will help ensure the company's steady development and increase shareholder value.

Since its establishment, the company has established a corporate governance structure consisting of a general meeting of shareholders, a board of directors, a board of supervisors and a manager, and has been continuously reviewed and improved in practice. So far, the company has realized the division of the chairman and the president, established five special committees under the board of directors and carried out the work in an effective manner, implemented an independent internal audit system, and established a relatively complete internal control system. Based on the company's articles of association, a multi-level governance rule has been formulated to clarify the responsibilities, authorities and standards of conduct of all parties. The company's shareholders, the board of directors, the board of supervisors and the management level, according to the rules and governance rules, each perform their duties, coordinate with each other, effectively check and balance, continuously improve the level of corporate governance, and lay a good foundation for promoting the company's development and increasing shareholder value.