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Shenzhen Expressway wins three awards of 2019 China Financial Market Awards

release time:2019-06-28 source:Shenzhen Expressway

The award ceremony of 2019 China Financial MarketAwards hosted by the famous financial magazine China Financial Market and jointly hosted by WonderfulSky Financial Group and authoritative organizations including the Listed Companies Council of Hong Kong ChineseEnterprises Association and China Mergers & Acquisitions Association(“CMAA”) was heldat the Four Season Hotel Hong Kong on 21 June 2019. The list of awards was grandly announced.

China Financial Market Awards aims to enhance thebrand influence and reputation of high quality companies and institutions inthe global capital market, deepen the attention and understanding of domesticand foreign investors to the enterprises, promote the deep communicationbetween enterprises and investors, demonstrate the value of enterprises, andraise the attention of enterprises, so as to promote the economic communicationand development between China and Hong Kong, as well as the interconnection ofdomestic and foreign capital markets. 2019 China Financial Market Awards offered 18 awards, includingthe Best Listed Company Award, the Best Corporate Leader Award, and the BestInvestor Relations. The outstanding companies and individuals from more than 20industries, including finance, technology, biomedicine, have won awards.

Based on good corporategovernance, quality asset projects, stable growth in business performance andexcellent investor relations management, Shenzhen Expressway has frequentlygained recognition and praise from the capital market. In this selection, ShenzhenExpressway was awarded the “Best Investor Relations Award” and “Best AnnualReport Design Award”, and Mr. Wei HU, the Chairman, won the “Best CorporateLeader Award”.

In this strategic period,adhering to the dual main business development concept of “Toll Road +Environmental Protection”, the Company has successfully found the innovativeand developmental way of transformation and upgrading. The Company’s corecompetitiveness in investment, construction, operation and management of tollhighways and other urban and transport infrastructure has been furtherenhanced. In 2018, the Group's performance increased steadily, recorded netprofit of RMB3.44 billion, representing a YOY increase of 148.56%, and revenue ofRMB5.807 billion, representing a YOY increase of 20.07%.

The achievements of ShenzhenExpressway are inseparable from the strong support of investors. The Company willcontinue to strive for progress on the road of innovation and development, andgive back to the investors with better performance.